We're celebrating 30 years of brightening smiles

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We're celebrating 30 years of brightening smiles

Garred Lentz, Global Brand Manager Opalescence.


Fri. 7 August 2020


The Opalescence whitening brand turns 30! Here is an interview to Garred Lentz, Global Brand Manager Opalescence.

How did the Opalescence story begin?
The story of Opalescence whitening began with a teenage girl, Jaleena, who desperately wanted whiter teeth and her father, Dr. Fischer – Founder of Ultradent Products, Inc. – who promised to create a safe and effective product to fulfill her wish. After some trial and error, Dr. Fischer made good on his fatherly promise and created the world’s first sticky, viscous whitening gel. 30 years later, this same Opalescence formula remains the gold standard in teeth whitening. Jaleena – obviously happy with the results – eventually became Dr. Jaleena Jessop who now heads up all clinical affairs at Ultradent. 

Which are the products the Opalescence line is made of?
Opalescence is the global leader in in-office medical whitening with Opalescence Boost and waiting room whitening with Opalescence Office. Opalescence PF for custom whitening trays and Opalescence Go (pre-filled on-the-go trays) lead the take-home whitening market. We also have a unique line of specialty whitening products for less common cases like whitening of nonvital teeth and removal of surface enamel imperfections and hypocalcification. Providing a full menu of both medical and cosmetic whitening options allows clinicians to treat a wide range of individualized patient needs.

What makes the Opalescence brand unique?
The Opalescence name brings with it an unmatched level of whitening expertise and experience while still innovating and adapting to changing lifestyles and patient demands. Unlike many teeth whitening brands, we are not interested in a “quick fix” or whitening that will relapse after a few days. We provide dentists with the very best and most flexible whitening options that allow them to create custom whitening solutions based on their expertise and patient knowledge.

Could you share some Opalescence numbers?
Here are some fun numbers to consider:

  • Opalescence whitening has been around for 30 years and is sold in more than 125 countries
  • We have brightened over 100 million smiles
  • 3x more clinical studies have been published on Opalescence whitening than any other whitening brand
  • We have received over 50 industry awards for tooth whitening

What about the future?
Opalescence whitening has always been pushed forward by a culture of innovation. You don’t remain the global leader in professional teeth whitening for 30 years without constantly improving on existing products, creating new and exciting ways to whiten, and focusing on improving the patient experience at every chance possible. The ongoing challenge for any whitening brand is how to improve efficacy, speed, and comfort for the patient. Every innovation that we develop is informed by these three factors while always maintaining the highest standards in safety and scientifically proven methods. While I can’t disclose what our next great product will be, I can tell you that we will never release anything that isn’t truly safe, comfortable, and effective enough for a father to give his own daughter.  

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