Matter, technology, science. The origin of Zhermack solutions

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Matter, technology, science. The origin of Zhermack solutions

Zhermack S.p.A.

Zhermack S.p.A.

Wed. 2 June 2021


From the seaweed of Northern seas to the most widely-used alginates in the world of dentistry: a pathway that follows the specific values that have made Zhermack popular with sector professionals. Creativity, accessibility, substance and dynamism to develop solutions able to perfectly satisfy user needs.

Essential for clinical practice

Alginates have been used in clinical practice for over 50 years. These materials of plant origin, extracted from seaweed, are particularly popular because they are well tolerated by patients, easy to use and elastic.1,2,3 These characteristics make alginates suitable for use in most types of dentistry4,5, including for preliminary impressions.

A complete range, for all applications

All Zhermack alginates undergo rigorous testing, both during production processes and in the choice of raw materials, in order to guarantee compliance with the most stringent quality standards. 

A vast range of alginates is available, with specific characteristics that cater for all the diverse demands of daily clinical practice. All products can be disinfected, as well as being gluten- and lactose-free, demonstrating the great attention that Zhermack dedicates to both the work of practitioners and the health of patients.

From tradition to the future: Zhermack embraces technological innovation and the new frontiers of digital work-flows with the scannability of Hydrogum 5, its top-of-the-range product.


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