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Elite HD+, Zhermack’s first addition silicone. For over 25 years, at the practitioner’s side

August 18, 2021

Elite HD+ is a vast and versatile range of addition silicones for impression taking. Developed in Italy and used the world over, Elite HD+ is dedicated to those who like to choose from a diverse array of solutions which one best suits their clinical practice.

Elite HD+ is a vast and versatile range of addition silicones for impression taking. Developed in Italy and used the world over, Elite HD+ is dedicated to those who like to choose from a diverse array of solutions which one best suits their clinical practice. 

Elite HD+ is versatile at every use: in one product, you will find many different solutions:

Board range of viscosities
Elite HD+ affords a broad range of viscosities to choose from: three viscosities for impression trays – Putty Soft, Tray Material and Monophase* - and as many washes - Regular Body, Light Body, Super Light Body. Guided by experience, the practitioner can choose the solution that better fits his needs. In fact, it is possible to choose the right combination of materials with different viscosities, depending on the technique to be used.

Manual, semi-automatic and automatic mixing
The Elite HD+ range includes pack types suited to all mixing techniques.  Impression tray materials for manual mixing (Putty Soft), for semi-automatic mixing using a 1:1 dispenser (Tray Material and Monophase) and for automatic mixing with a 5:1 mixer (Maxi Putty Soft, Maxi Tray Material, Maxi Monophase).  Wash materials for manual mixing (Light and Regular Body in tubes) and for semi-automatic mixing with a 1:1 dispenser (Regular, Light and Super Light Body). 

Normal or fast setting times
The Elite HD+ range allows practitioners to choose between normal and fast set materials to suit their clinical needs or personal preferences.

In addition to its great versatility, Elite HD+ has the characteristics required for an accurate impression1,2:

Hydrocompatibility and thixotropy
Elite HD+ washes are hydrocompatible** and yet thixotropic, making them easy for dentists to use. They flow over the surfaces they are positioned on and do not run once they have been positioned in the patient’s mouth.

Tear resistance
Thanks to its tear resistance, Elite HD+ resists the movements required to remove the impression from the patient’s mouth3, thus helping to obtain an accurate result, even in the presence of undercuts. At the same time, with an elastic recovery of at least 99%, Elite HD+ is able to return to its original form following the deformation that takes place when the impression is removed from the patient’s mouth.

Dimensional stability even after disinfection
Elite HD+ can be disinfected using products containing quaternary ammonium salts, mixtures of alcohol and surface tension reducers, such as Zeta 7 Spray and Zeta 7 Solution from Zhermack’s Zeta Hygiene line, whilst maintaining their dimensional stability and surface detail reproduction even after disinfection4,5.

Gluten & lactose free
Elite HD+ is safe for use even on intolerant patients as it’s gluten and lactose free, which guarantees peace of mind and safety even when used on intolerant patients. 

Colour contrast
The colours of the tray materials and the washes of the Elite HD+ range were chosen to create a colour contrast for improved impression interpretation and therefore afford practitioners better visual comfort.

*Monophase: can also be used with the monophase technique, as it can be positioned both on an impression tray and directly on the patient’s teeth.
** Zhermack defines hydrocompatibility as a material’s affinity for water (hydrophilia), without absorbing its molecules, which could compromise dimensional accuracy.3


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