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Zetaplus System

Condensation silicones for impression taking

By Zhermack

Sat. 16 October 2021


A range of condensation silicones for impression taking that responds with versatility to the diverse needs of clinical practice.

The first Zhermack silicone 
Zetaplus System was Zhermack’s first ever range of silicones and has been on the market for over 30 years. From the initial concept to the final product, all steps of the manufacturing process take place in-house, with stringent controls on both the choice of the starting materials and production processes. This allows us to offer constant quality and high performance.

Zetaplus System, used and highly-regarded worldwide, has come to be considered synonymous with guaranteed quality and reliability by dental sector practitioners.

1. Hydrocompatibility of the fluids
The more hydrocompatible a material is, the better it will flow and copy details accurately  in wet areas. 

The hydrocompatibility of the range’s fluids, Oranwash L and VL, helps to obtain an accurate impression. Oranwash L and Oranwash VL were seen to have one of the best contact angles, when compared with some of the market’s best-known condensation silicones*.

2. Biocompatibility on damaged mucosae
The degree of biocompatibility of Zetaplus System makes it suitable for use on both intact and damaged mucosae, thereby favouring the practitioner’s satisfaction.

3. High final hardness**
Contributes to obtaining an accurate model once the gypsum has been cast

4. Tear resistance
Reduces the risk of the impression tearing when it is removed from the patient’s mouth.

5. Safe for use even on intolerant patients
All Zhermack condensation silicones are gluten- and lactose-free, guaranteeing peace of mind and safety even when used on intolerant patients.  This allows the dentist to perform impression procedures with peace of mind and in absolute safety.

All Zhermack condensation silicones can be disinfected using products containing quaternary ammonium salts and alcohol, such as Zeta 7 Spray and Zeta 7 Solution and Zhermack’s Zeta Hygiene line.

A history of world-renowned quality and reliability: Zetaplus System, our hallmark of guaranteed quality. 

To learn more please visit www.zhermack.com/en/product_category/dental/dental-practice/impression-systems/master-impression/condensation-silicones/ .

Zetaplus System. Our product, your guarantee

*In-house tests
**Zetaplus compared to Zetaplus Soft

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