SIROLaser Factbook: Comprehensive information on diode lasers

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SIROLaser Factbook: Comprehensive information on diode lasers


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SIROLaser Advance and Xtend – two models for safe, precise, pain-free treatment. (Photo courtesy of Sirona)


Mon. 24 February 2014


SALZBURG, Austria: Sirona reports on the wide range of applications of diode lasers in a special edition of the English-language laser_international magazine of laser dentistry. The SIROLaser Factbook – Clinical articles about SIROLaser Advance and Xtend applications includes research by well-known experts as well as informative field reports from experienced users of laser technology.

Compact and informative: Sixty pages full of solid expertise and practical applications await the readers of English texts collected by Sirona in SIROLaser Factbook ‒ Clinical articles about SIROLaser Advance and Xtend applications. Academic articles and real-life user reports by well-known experts provide information on the many uses and treatment options of diode lasers with a wavelength of 970 nm. Interesting facts and figures, study results, documented case studies with descriptive pictures, and recommendations for further reading complete the compendium.

"Anyone with an interest in laser dentistry should read the SIROLaser Factbook," says Ingo Höver, product manager at Sirona. The book is especially meant for beginners, says the laser specialist. "However, experienced users will also find it worth reading. I am sure that they will be surprised to learn the many possibilities of diode lasers and the range of applications that are open to them with models like the SIROLaser Advance or SIROLaser Xtend."

Routine and less common aspects of dental treatment
The 970-nm diode laser discussed in the SIROLaser Factbook covers a variety of dental indications, says co-publisher and co-author Professor Doctor Andreas Braun from the Center for Dental and Oral Medicine of the University of Marburg. These include incision/excision associated with gingivectomy, gingivoplasty, implant exposure, and removal of abnormal tissue and reducing bacteria as a supporting measure in periodontal, peri-implant or endodontic procedures as well as adjunctive therapy in the treatment of aphthous ulcers. "The selected articles cover both routine and less common aspects of dental treatment with a particular focus on new treatment strategies combined with conventional techniques," says Prof. Dr. Braun.

"There are few instruments that symbolize modernity and innovation in dentistry more than the laser," says Prof. Dr. Roland Frankenberger. Laser applications in dentistry are now scientifically established. The President of the German Society for Restorative Dentistry (DGZ) writes in his foreword, "I am especially pleased that a variety of interesting aspects of routine work are examined and laser treatment is conveyed objectively, but with enthusiasm." Prof. Dr. Braun hopes, "Perhaps new recommendations for day-to-day practice will result from the treatment procedures described."

Relaxed dentists and relaxed patients
Sirona, global innovation leader for dental equipment, has two laser models in its product portfolio that set new standards: SIROLaser Xtend with an upgrade option for beginners and SIROLaser Advance for experts. The lasers stand for safe, precise procedures, gentle, pain-free treatment, lasting product quality, and top design. The SIROLaser Advance and SIROLaser Xtend ensure relaxed dentists and relaxed patients. More information for dentists and the compendium SIROLaser Factbook – Clinical articles about SIROLaser Advance and Xtend applications are available for download at the official Sirona website.

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