Autoclavable stainless steel sleeve with disposable window for Primescan now available

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Autoclavable stainless steel sleeve with disposable window for Primescan now available

Three different sleeve options for each of your hygiene needs, to ensure safe intraoral scanning. New to the family: The autoclavable stainless-steel sleeve with disposable window (right).
Dentsply Sirona

By Dentsply Sirona

Mon. 3 May 2021


Primescan, the intraoral scanner from Dentsply Sirona, ensures high-quality digital impressions and exceeds minimum recommended hygiene guidelines. It is the only scanner that provides a variety of disinfection and sterilization procedures with three different sleeve options. The new stainless steel sleeve with a disposable window can be reprocessed in an autoclave and is now available. It completes the comprehensive hygiene concept of Primescan. As an intraoral scanner, Primescan is a true all-rounder: it enables very accurate digital impressions that meet the high demands of speed, simplicity and hygienic safety. The variety of workflows is large. Primescan has proven itself in restorative, implant and orthodontic treatments as well as in the therapy of obstructive sleep apnea. It also supports patient monitoring and patient communication.

Outstanding hygiene The new stainless steel sleeve is available now and can be purchased separately. It completes the comprehensive hygiene concept of Primescan, which is characterized by great flexibility in the selection of a total of three sleeves that can be reprocessed using different procedures. The high-quality, stainless steel sleeve with exchangeable single-use windows can be reprocessed in an autoclave. Autoclaving is the most commonly used sterilization process in dental practices and helps minimize cross-contamination risk. Stainless steel is a major factor for a long lifetime. The stainless steel sleeve with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal window can be reprocessed with wipe disinfection, hot air sterilization or high-level disinfection. The plastic sleeve is an alternative for the highest hygiene requirements and can be disposed of after each use. All sleeves have a completely closed viewing window to prevent liquid from entering during scanning. A suitable sleeve for practice-specific reprocessing protocols These three options make taking digital impressions as easy and hygienic as ever. Primescan provides a variety of disinfection and sterilization procedures exceeding minimum recommended hygiene guidelines. Since legal requirements vary from country to country and practice situations differ, it is important that users can decide which cleaning and disinfection option fits their needs best. This way, practices are given the option of following one of the five common sterilization procedures after digital impression taking.

For Dr Daniel Aniol, dentist from Bornheim, Germany, sterilization is more important than ever because of the new environment in which dentists are working. “Safety and flexibility in the way we work are of central importance to me and my practice team. The ability to choose from a variety of reprocessing methods with Primescan is an important benefit of the system.” “The autoclavable sleeve completes the versatile hygiene options,” summarizes Dr Alexander Völcker, Group Vice President CAD/CAM at Dentsply Sirona. “Dentists and practice teams can count on optimal infection control at all times. In combination with the Acquisition Center, Primescan offers a hygienically excellent workflow in digital impression taking with outstanding clinical results.”

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