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DAC Universal: "full virucidal" with thermal disinfection.

Dentsply Sirona: Full virucidal activity demonstrated with DAC Universal

By Dentsply Sirona
September 28, 2020

The highest level of safety standard for both patients and practice team is the top priority in dentistry and for Dentsply Sirona solutions worldwide. A test procedure has now confirmed the full virucidal activity of the complete DAC Universal family.

The full virucidal activity of the DAC Universal family of the reprocessing process for dental instruments was demonstrated in a current lab study of the independent accredited test lab “HygCen Germany.” The test was performed in accordance with EN 17111 with temperature resistant parvoviruses. After completing the reprocessing process, including cleaning, lubrication, thermal disinfection and cooling, no murine parvovirus could be detected in the eluate of the test pieces. This confirmation of full virucidal activity is the official demonstration that the devices of the DAC Universal family have the highest possible efficacy level and thus the maximum safety for the reprocessing of straight and contra-angle handpieces and turbines. 

Highest possible efficacy level exceeded
To demonstrate its full virucidal activity DAC Universal had to pass various laboratory tests. A full virucidal activity is reached when a sufficient reduction of the virucidal contamination to a number on a surface is achieved so that infection is no longer likely. Depending on the pathogen tested, the efficacy is referred to as bactericidal (effective against bacteria), levurocidal (effective against yeasts in the oral cavity) or virucidal (effective against viruses). The classification “full virucidal activity” includes the activity against all enveloped and non-enveloped viruses. Enveloped viruses include for example SARS-CoV-2, hepatitis B and hepatitis C virus, HI virus and influenza. Unenveloped viruses are for example parvovirus, human papillomavirus, adenovirus and norovirus. 

The results showed that DAC Universal exceeded the required safety for the determination of the full virucidal activity by reducing the temperature-resistant parvovirus: After carrying out the complete reprocessing process, no parvovirus in sufficient numbers could be detected. The required titre reduction of ≥ 4lg units could be demonstrated. 

Dr. med. univ. Sebastian Werner, Medical Specialist for Hygiene and Environmental Medicine, summarizes: “As far as I know, there is currently no other technical reprocessing unit of this size and speed on the market in the field of dentistry that could represent the bactericidal, levurocidal and virucidal activity in the same way as a DAC Universal.” 

Supporting hygienic safety for dental practices
The reprocessing of medical instruments in DAC Universal is carried out by cleaning, lubrication and thermal disinfection exclusively with demineralized water. All cleaning steps are standardized and fully automated at the touch of a button, which minimizes application errors to the greatest possible degree. 

“Former results have already confirmed the bactericidal and levurocidal activity of DAC Universal. But it was important for us to test the virucidal activity in an independent procedure as well,” summarizes Michael Geil, Group Vice President Equipment and Instruments, Dentsply Sirona. “We are very pleased with the outstanding result, which enables us to offer dental practices even greater safety on several levels. DAC Universal provides a level of safety in reprocessing medical devices comparable to that of devices that use chemical cleaning and disinfecting products. However, the process time is considerably shorter, it is more environmentally friendly and avoids the risk of chemical residues on the instruments.” 

With its launch in September, the new DAC Universal S completes the DAC Universal product portfolio with a sterilization function especially for markets that require sterilization instead of a disinfection of unwrapped medical devices. 

Further information about the DAC Universal family is available at: 

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