Twenty years of DAC Universal: Dentsply Sirona celebrates a sparkling clean success story

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Twenty years of DAC Universal: Dentsply Sirona celebrates a sparkling clean success story

Dentsply Sirona

Dentsply Sirona

Sun. 13 June 2021


In the anniversary year of Dentsply Sirona’s successful infection control solution, DAC Universal, the topic of infection prevention is more relevant than ever. Seamless, excellent hygiene in dental practices and clinics helps to give patients the confidence to have preventive examinations and important dental treatments.

DAC Universal has stood for excellent hygiene and safety standards for 20 years. A remarkable characteristic in the field of dental solutions – as remarkable as its mode of operation. DAC Universal does not require chemical cleaning agents but uses only demineralised water for the reprocessing of medical instruments – a feature that helps to preserve the lifespan of instruments. Cleaning, thermal disinfection or unwrapped sterilization and optional lubrication: The fully compliant and automatic reprocessing cycle takes only 15 or 21 minutes, depending on the programme. All cleaning steps are standardised and fully automated at the touch of a button, which significantly minimises application errors. 

A success story since 2000 in close cooperation with dental experts 

DAC Universal has been a continuous success with dental experts worldwide. Not least because insights gained from working with dental experts have helped to optimise DAC Universal for users. "By engaging with dentists, we can offer innovative ideas and safe solutions that are tailored to the requirements of everyday practice," says Michael Geil, group vice president of equipment and instruments at Dentsply Sirona. 

In 2000, the launch of the first DAC Universal changed reprocessing in dental clinics. Five years later, the first updated edition of DAC Universal entered the market, followed by a new model again in 2009. By 2017, 40,000 DAC Universal units had been installed worldwide. Over the years, many technical improvements and upgrades have been added, including the graphic display, intuitive user interface, and the possibility to reprocess not only contra-angle handpieces and turbines, but also e.g. ultrasonic/sonic handpieces and tips as well as nozzles of multifunctional syringes, and powder jet devices and handpieces. Today, DAC Universal meets the expectations of dental professionals, offering professional care, cost-effective reprocessing, fully automatic reprocessing, and legal certainty. The latest update includes new features that enhance user-friendly handling: touch display, LAN interface, guided Check & Clean maintenance workflow. Ute Wurmstich, technical sterilisation assistant from Gilborn dentists in Germany, summarises: "Living up to the philosophy 'Inspired by your needs', Dentsply Sirona is in constant contact with the industry to develop products that make our work and daily routines safer, more efficient and a lot easier. The result is visible in the evolution of solutions like the DAC Universal."

Classification “full virucidal activity” confirmed

A lab study from the independent accredited test lab “HygCen Germany”, by Dr. Sebastian Werner and commissioned by Dentsply Sirona, recently confirmed on June 30, 2020 the full virucidal activity of the DAC Universal family, including activity against all enveloped and non-enveloped viruses.* Enveloped viruses include SARS-CoV-2, hepatitis B and hepatitis C virus, HI virus and influenza.

Werner, medical specialist for hygiene and environmental medicine, states: “As far as I know, there is currently no other technical reprocessing unit of this size and speed on the market in the field of dentistry that could represent the bactericidal, levurocidal and virucidal activity in the same way as a DAC Universal.”

DAC Universal D: Safe cleaning, disinfection, and oil care

DAC Universal D, launched in 2019, features an intuitive user interface with its touch display. In approximately 15 minutes, up to six instruments are reprocessed fully automatically at the touch of a button. “The advantages of the new model are clearly quantifiable in time and cost saving. Overall, the process time is reduced by up to 46% compared to the previous model. This means that instruments are available again sooner for the next treatment, and practices also have to stock significantly fewer handpieces and contra-angles," says Geil.

The new version offers two programmes to choose from: The Blue Lid programme was specially designed for rotating instruments such as turbines, handpieces, and contra-angles. Reprocessing starts with a cold pre-wash. Internal cleaning of the spray and gear channels is followed by fully automatic oil maintenance of the gear channels. External cleaning with the pulse-wash method removes dirt and deposits on the outer surfaces of the instruments even more thoroughly than the predecessor model. Finally, the instruments are thermally disinfected and cooled with cold, sterile air. The second program, Green Lid programme, is used for instruments that do not require lubrication: Ultrasonic and sonic handpieces and tips, nozzles of multifunction syringes, and powder jet devices and handpieces. The reprocessing steps are identical to those of Blue Lid, except that lubrication is not required.

DAC Universal S: All-in-one and all-round protection

Launched in September 2020, the new DAC Universal S completes the DAC Universal product portfolio with a sterilization function especially for markets that require sterilisation instead of a disinfection of unwrapped medical devices.

The automatic programme selection allows for two programmes that provide high process reliability. The Pink Lid Programme is specially designed for rotating instruments such as turbines, straight and contra-angle handpieces. The cleaning performance is excellent, and the results far exceed the standard values (80% better) required by the Robert Koch Institute (The Robert Koch Institute is a German federal government agency and research institute responsible for disease control and prevention). Finally, instruments are sterilized at 134°C with three minutes of holding time, and then cooled with cold, sterile air. 

The second programme, White Lid programme, is used for instruments that do not require lubrication: e.g. ultrasonic and sonic handpieces and tips or nozzles of multifunctional syringes, and powder jet devices and handpieces. The cleaning steps are almost identical to the Pink Lid Program, but with the lubrication step removed. 

Geil, says: “With the DAC Universal D and the DAC Universal S we have completed the DAC family. Infection control and instrument reprocessing follow strict requirements all over the world. With the DAC family we enable the dental practice to meet these requirements and to guarantee safety according to the legal and technical standards in every market. In times of COVID-19, it is a mandatory assurance of dentists to their staff and patients helping uphold dental care under trying circumstances.”

*A summary of the study can be made available by Dentsply Sirona upon request.

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