Dentsply Sirona is celebrating 35 years of CEREC: Innovative technology for excellent results

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Dentsply Sirona is celebrating 35 years of CEREC: Innovative technology for excellent results

Photograph: Dentsply Sirona
Dentsply Sirona

By Dentsply Sirona

Wed. 9 December 2020


The market launch of CEREC in 1985 marked the beginning of digitalisation in dentistry. Dentsply Sirona was the first company in the world to recognize the revolutionary significance of CAD/CAM technology for modern dental treatment and make it widely available for dental practices. Today, CEREC makes it easy to quickly produce restorations of excellent quality. The recently revised components make the system a set-up for an entirely new chairside experience.

This year, Dentsply Sirona is celebrating the anniversary of CEREC, a digital system that has fundamentally changed dentistry. Digitalisation was just beginning in 1985, however, and was accompanied by scepticism and reservations. Dentsply Sirona believed in this idea and showed it had perseverance. In constant discussions with the inventors of CEREC, Prof. Werner Mörmann and Marco Brandestini from the University of Zurich, and with users in practices, Dentsply Sirona engineers continued to develop CEREC, setting new standards in digital dentistry. 

This is still succeeding in the 35th anniversary year: Nearly all components of the unique CEREC workflow were completely revised within just a short time. The new CEREC now features a sophisticated set-up that enables users to continuously and predictably achieve clinically reliable results, now even faster and easier. With the CEREC Primescan, the state-of-the-art intraoral scanner, a demonstrably high level of accuracy in digital impressions can be achieved1. The latest CEREC software uses artificial intelligence to support the production of restorations. It also features a high level of automation and intuitive touch functionality. It is also used to control CEREC Primemill, the grinding and milling unit that can make restorations very quickly (full zirconia crown in approx. five minutes) and extremely precisely. It is easy to operate via a touchscreen and can be used for many indications and a large variety of materials. The CEREC SpeedFire, the sintering furnace for chairside treatment, completes the system. 

"35 years ago, people laughed at our idea for digital dentistry, but today it has become a standard in treatment and documentation," says CEREC inventor Prof. Dr. Dr. Werner Mörmann. "And I stand by my prediction that by the 50th anniversary of CEREC, if not sooner, every practice will have CEREC or at least an intraoral scanner." 

The new CEREC – all users benefit
The individual components of CEREC are optimally coordinated to allow the unique seamless workflow. This makes digital chairside dentistry faster, easier, and more reliable than ever before, and it continues to deliver high quality results and a perceptively more comfortable treatment experience for patients. 

Intuitive workflows and user-friendly operation now make it even easier for new users to explore the world of chairside dentistry. Experienced users especially appreciate the faster process speed and the exceedingly high quality of the restorations. 

CEREC as a system has become firmly established in the market – the new CEREC makes it even easier for more dentists to decide to implement these modern digital technologies in their own practice quickly and cost-effectively. 

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