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Treatment centers and dental chairs – just a part, or the heart, of the practice?

By Dentsply Sirona
November 27, 2019

Today’s technological and design innovations have seen the humble dental chair evolve into state-of-the-art treatment centers, putting ergonomics and patient comfort at the forefront. Eybi Becerra, Brand Marketing Manager at Dentsply Sirona, explains more.

There are many items of equipment that clinicians and their teams couldn’t be without. But arguably, the most indispensable piece of equipment in the practice, and the one that’s now at the heart of providing the very best of care for patients, is the treatment center.

The treatment center is so much more than a functional piece of equipment. Designed to create a lasting impression, the latest treatment centers feature a variety of colour combinations, soft, comfortable upholstery and centralised functionality that supports a range of workflows.

Total Reliability
Patient satisfaction is a top priority, but the prospect of sitting in a dental chair surrounded by unfamiliar equipment can cause anxiety for some. Consequently, anything that helps ease such anxiety is to be welcomed and this includes patient comfort and positioning during treatment.

The dental chair is often the place where patients have the opportunity to talk about how they feel and ask questions. Ensuring the dental chair is well-designed and comfortable will help create a calm and reassuring environment that is conducive to effective communication.

Patients need to have complete trust in their clinician, and clinicians need to have complete trust in the reliability of their treatment center. Any failure of this essential piece of equipment can mean cancelled appointments and the consequential loss of revenue, not to mention patient dissatisfaction. So, reliability should be top of the list when making the choice of manufacturer and model.

Innovation and Integration
Having relaxed patients is a good thing, but what about the dental team? Posture can be both negatively and positively impacted by the design of a treatment center, so pay particular attention to the ease with which instruments, equipment and the patient can be reached. Poor posture will ultimately take its toll in terms of aching muscles and general fatigue and can even lead to longer-term health problems.

The ultimate design
The latest treatment centers are designed with both dental professionals and patient positioning in mind. Cutting edge technology allows the team to work ergonomically and safely in a neutral position, preventing strain, especially on the back and neck, whilst still allowing unrestricted access to the patient.

Dentsply Sirona’s Teneo® treatment center places everything a clinician and the team needs within easy reach. Offering speed and efficiency, the Teneo features: 

  • Motorised sliding track
  • Motorised cuspidor
  • Adjustable, motorised headrest
  • Large EasyTouch touchscreen
  • Anti-stress massage and lumbar support
  • Optional integrated endodontic and implant workflows
  • Wireless foot control

The Teneo even memorises the clinician’s ideal working position. This ensures optimal treatment with the mouth point always at the same working height, regardless of the patient’s size or build.

An all-round experience
Smooth, ergonomic surfaces that can be easily cleaned and disinfected, integrated design features plus stylish upholstery together provide the ultimate in patient comfort. All of Dentsply Sirona’s treatment centers are completely customisable in terms of fabric, colour and finish, fitting seamlessly into any practice design scenario.

Built to last
The treatment center is the focal point of any surgery and something unlikely to be routinely replaced, so longevity and reliability are important considerations when making a purchase decision.

Making the right choice of treatment center and placing it at the heart of the surgery will aid patient satisfaction and help create a pleasant working environment for clinicians and their teams – making them feel fulfilled and inspired to deliver the very best treatment outcomes.

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