Interview: “We have a powerful plan in regards to the development for the coming years”

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Interview: “We have a powerful plan in regards to the development for the coming years”

Dr Robert Gottlander, President and CEO of Neoss


Thu. 10 June 2021


Dental Tribune MEA had a pleasure to speak with Dr Robert Gottlander who is President and CEO of Neoss. With over 40 years of dental industry experience, Gottlander has a proven track record developing and commercializing dental solutions.

You are globally a known influencer in the dental industry, how do you take advantage of this in Neoss’ current structure?
Thank you for saying so, I have been in implant dentistry since the mid-80s and had the opportunity to develop many solutions especially for implants and also for digital procedures. I believe I bring experience and knowledge on how to develop new solutions. I will also work with education and communication with the goal of enhancing treatments for the benefit of the profession and the patients

What is your expansion plan in the region? What is the current goal?
We are reviewing plans for new markets but our first goal is to focus on the current markets where we are active. We will work even closer with our distributors and overall increase our presence in the market. Our goal is to make Neoss the best solution for implant treatment in the region.

What are the greatest challenges at the moment and how is your team overcoming them.
First of all, I believe we have a very good position based on the excellent work done by the Neoss team over the last years. The challenge is the same for companies that are growing. It is to secure education, communication and to grow the infrastructure. At this time we spend a lot of effort on internal education and processes.

What growth/changes can we expect in terms of your product portfolio and opportunities?
You will see new solutions during the year. We have so far launched a new implant design called Neoss ProActive Edge. We are in the process of relaunching the concept of one prosthetic platform. Later in the year, you will see more regenerative products as well as news in regards to the digital platform. We have a powerful plan in regards to the development for the coming years. We focus on smart, simple clinical solutions with a predictable outcome.

The opportunity is large for implant dentistry going forward. There are more and more patients that would benefit from these solutions and I believe that Neoss will be a more and more important partner to the clinicians over time.

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