Over 6,300 dental professionals joined first virtual MiCD Regional Symposium

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Over 6,300 dental professionals joined first virtual MiCD Regional Symposium


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By Dental Tribune International

Wed. 15 September 2021


SINGAPORE: The Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Dentistry (MiCD) Regional Symposium, initially planned as a face-to-face gathering, took place virtually for the first time, catering to 6,311 dental professionals from around the world with a majority from the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions.

The MiCD Regional Symposium livestream event took place from 2 to 4 September 2021 with two evening sessions on 2 and 3 September, and one afternoon session on 4 September catering to the Asia-Pacific and the Middle East regions.

The event was initiated by the MiCD Global Network, organized by CAPP in partnership with Shofu. A select group of internationally renowned speakers shared their best practices, featuring Dr Sushil Koirala, Nepal, founder of the MiCD Global Academy; Prof. Satoshi Imazato, Japan; Dr Jose Roberto Moura, Brazil; Dr Anand Narvekar, India; Dr Marcelo Lasmar, Brazil; Dr Sonny Burias, Philippines’ Dr Hussein Naama, Iraq and Dr Amit Gulati, India. The three-day series was moderated by some of South-East Asia’s most experienced moderators including Dr Ronny Yap, Singapore; Dr Kimberly Fajardo, Philippines, and the refreshing Dr Cez Margaret Acero, Philippines who represents the next generation of dentists through digital content creation on her blog ‘Life Beyond Dentistry’.

Day 1 – 2 September 2021
The MiCD Regional symposium kicked off with Koirala. His presentation focused on MiCD in the post-pandemic era – highlighting the 4P’s to success. The lecture covered MiCD philosophy, protocol, practice, and partnerships (4P’s), focusing on the importance of simple restorations (alignment, brightening and contour) whilst understanding aesthetics form and function at a low biological cost. His final take-home message was to focus on case documentation, discussion, do no harm, and knowledge dissemination (4D’s). Dr Jose Moura, Brazil, followed the opening with a presentation on the role of precision in MiCD, with a detailed focus on magnification, lighting, and ergonomics in daily practice. Special attention was placed on operative microscopes having a learning curve and the essential role of bioactive direct composites to obtain long-lasting results. The day concluded with Dr Anand Naverkar who explained the multiple advantages of quadrant dentistry approaches, how increasing bond strength ensures restoration longevity and showcased IDS and DME techniques as part of the improvement in clinical outcomes. Dr Kim Fajardo, Philippines, moderated the session and provided a moderator’s take while summarizing the day’s key take-home messages from the speakers.

Day 2 – 3 September 2021
The second day of the MiCD Regional Symposium was moderated by Dr. Ronnie Yap, Singapore and included lectures by Dr. Marcelo Lasmar, Brazil and Dr. Sonny Burias, Philippines. Lasmar focused on sports dentistry and showcased how MiCD can have long-term health benefits for athletes emphasizing the importance of prevention and treatment of oral issues such as tooth wear. Sonny presented the practical approach to MiCD with direct composite restorations, covering the benefits of adopting MiCD, expanding clinical applications of direct restorations to detailed case analysis on simplified layering technicians to achieve predictable results. Day 2 marked the highlight of the regional symposium with a compelling panel discussion moderated by Dr Cez Margaret Acero, Philippines, entertaining the virtual audience by engaging with the panelists, Yap, Burias and Lasmar, on how MICD can be adopted in clinical practice, addressing the current trend of “Less is IN” while embracing MICD in the new normal.

Day 3 – 4 September 2021
The MiCD Regional Symposium concluded with three lectures on day 3, including Prof Satoshi Imazato from Japan who provided a very detailed evidence-based presentation on bioactive restoratives containing S-PRG Filler technology and their role in achieving aesthetics and longevity. Following the session, Dr Hussein Naama from Iraq provided a cosmetic dentistry artistry masterpiece by showcasing multiple clinical cases where he focused on identifying smile defects and careful treatment planning using smile design. Dr Amit Gulati ended the scientific program with his views on the preservation of tooth structure, utilizing direct composites, esthetic planning using DSD and the use of injectables. Dr Cez Acero, Philippines concluded the session with the moderator’s take providing a summary, highlighting the key insights and learning of the day before handing over for the closing remarks by the organizers.

Closing ceremony
Patrick Loke, managing director of Shofu Dental Asia-Pacific, provided a heartfelt closing speech addressing the virtual audience by thanking all speakers, moderators, guests and dental professionals for their attendance and support during the current ongoing global pandemic. Loke commented: “Although minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry has been practised in the United States since 20 years back, it has not been advocated enough, to reach everyone in the dental fraternity. About 11 years ago, Dr Sushil Koirala conceptualized the treatment and educational protocols for MiCD with a few like-minded dentists in order to promote this movement and provide skill-based training in the Asia-Pacific region. Since then, Shofu has been the official partner of the MiCD Global Network and the MiCD Global Academy”. Loke concluded the session by welcoming all dental professionals to join the MiCD Global Network and adopt the MiCD concept and treatment protocols in their daily clinical practice.

To find out more, go to: https://www.cappmea.com/micd-symposium.

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