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Tribune CME announces partnership with Université Saint-Joseph

March 22, 2016

Tribune CME, the premier continuing medical education programme for dental professionals, is proud to announce yet another partnership with a leading international higher education institution, Université Saint-Joseph (USJ) in Beirut in Lebanon. From autumn, Tribune CME in collaboration with USJ will offer Clinical Masters Program courses in oral surgery and oral implantology at the USJ’s regional centre in Dubai in the UAE. All participants will receive ADA CERP continuing credits upon completion of the programme. The collaboration with USJ will also provide CME credits, awarded with the approval of the Dubai Health Authority and the Health Authority–Abu Dhabi.

E.M.S. Dental presents GUIDED BIOFILM THERAPY during AEEDC in Dubai

March 18, 2016 | Business | News

The Swiss company E.M.S. Electro Medical Systems who is the innovator of Piezon® and AIR-FLOW® technologies and a global leader in dental prophylaxis as well as Guided Biofilm Therapy participated at the 20th edition of AEEDC from 2nd to 4th of February 2016.

Delegates meet to put global mercury agreement into force

March 13, 2016

AMMAN, Jordan: Over 550 representatives have gathered for the seventh session of the intergovernmental negotiating committee on mercury (INC 7) in Jordan to finalise the Minamata Convention on Mercury, which is considered one of the most important legally binding international agreements on the use of mercury. It aims to implement measures to protect human health and the environment from the adverse effects of mercury. The INC7 is the last meeting before the convention enters into force.

Mixing work with pleasure – the SWISS DENTAL EDUCATION WEEK makes it possible

March 5, 2016 | Events | News

MediAccess AG invites you and your family from July 10 to July 14, 2016 to Zurich, Switzerland’s international metropolis, to participate in a unique training event exclusively designed for dentists from the Arab world.

FKG Dentaire: Advocating for more conservative and successful endodontic treatment

February 9, 2016 | Business

DUBAI, UAE: Cutting edge endo instruments and continuous investments in Research and Development has resulted in booming FKG Dentaire sales globally. Thinking out of the box, willing to create a new path in conservative dentistry and focusing on the interests of both the patient and the dentist has led to the latest launch of vanguard endodontic files: XP-endo Finisher and BT-Apisafe.

Middle East’s Dentist Meet Recommends Power Brushes for Improved Oral Hygiene

February 7, 2016

First dental consensus agrees that electric power brushing is best for oral health; 80 per cent of children between 12-15 years have unhealthy gums, according to research by the Dubai Healthcare Authority.

Interview: Improving oral health through scientific evidence

February 3, 2016

Evidence-based dentistry continues to gain acceptance in oral health care. This treatment approach combines the dentist’s expertise, scientific evidence, and patient’s needs and preferences to determine the best patient care. At AEEDC Dubai 2016, Dental Tribune Online had the opportunity to speak with Dr Marcelo W.B. Araujo, Vice President of the Science Institute of the American Dental Association (ADA). Since assuming his current position a year ago, Araujo has focused on initiating scientific and dental research projects based on evidence-based dentistry.

AEEDC: Neoss unveils new device for measuring implant stability

February 3, 2016 | Business

DUBAI, UAE: UK-based global dental implant company Neoss is officially launching its business in the Middle Eastern region at AEEDC Dubai 2016. In addition, the company is introducing its Neoss PenguinRFA instrument for measuring implant stability. The product offers treatment guidance and predictability and is an easy-to-use and affordable solution for all clinicians working with implants.


February 2, 2016

DUBAI, UAE: This year’s UAE International Dental Conference and Arab Dental Exhibition (AEEDC) has seen the launch of MEDENCY, a recently founded Italian company that has been built upon profound global expertise in the dental market and dental lasers in particular. Dental Tribune Online met with the company’s general manager, Alessandro Boschi, at the show in Dubai to learn more about the new business, which will provide a wide range of unique services to customers worldwide under the slogan of “Technology, innovation, passion”.

Anniversary dental meeting starts in Dubai

February 1, 2016

DUBAI, UAE: This week, the Dubai World Trade Centre will welcome dental professionals from all over the globe to the 20th UAE International Dental Conference and Arab Dental Exhibition (AEEDC Dubai 2016). Held for the first time in 1997, the event has become one of the largest and most important dental meetings worldwide, attracting tens of thousands of clinicians, scientists and industry representatives each year. About 40,000 are expected to attend this year's event.

The role of the hygienist in the twenty-first century

February 1, 2016

Since the recent launch of the Emirates Dental Hygienists’ Club in the UAE, it could not be a more appropriate time to discuss the growing role of the hygienist in the twenty-first century. The prevalence of preventable dental disease within the region prevails, and the need for a focus on the core strategy to overcome such disease needs to be addressed.

Vast majority of dental professionals have back problems

January 26, 2016

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia: Work-related musculoskeletal disorders are a significant and increasing problem. It is generally estimated that 60–90 per cent of people will suffer from low back disorders at some point in their life. A study conducted in Saudi Arabia has recently confirmed that dentists in particular are at high risk of shoulder, neck and back pain owing to static and awkward working positions.

Beverly Hills Formula – Over 20 Years Perfecting the Business of Smiling

January 18, 2016 | Business

Manufactured in Ireland, the Beverly Hills Formula ranges are rapidly becoming the go-to whitening products, with many people opting to use these safe at-home whitening toothpastes over harsh and abrasive treatments.

ROOTS SUMMIT 2016: Premier global forum for endodontics takes place in Dubai

January 15, 2016

DUBAI, UAE: This year’s ROOTS SUMMIT, which has drawn dental professionals to various locations all over the world in the past decade, will take place from Nov. 30 to Dec. 3 at the Crowne Plaza Dubai hotel in the United Arab Emirates. Aimed at updating participants about the latest in endodontic treatment, an unparalleled series of lectures and workshops will be held by global opinion leaders in the field.

Survey finds low oral health awareness among Saudi Arabians

January 13, 2016

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia: As one of the first research projects to investigate oral hygiene practices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), a survey has found a significant lack of awareness regarding preventive oral health care. In addition to the poor oral hygiene habits of many Saudi Arabians, it further found that only 11.5 per cent of Saudi Arabians had undergone a routine dental check-up in the last 12 months, despite having free access to health care in the country.

Nigeria: Many medical students have inadequate knowledge of periodontal disease

January 3, 2016

LAGOS, Nigeria: The World Health Organization estimates that severe periodontal disease is found in 15–20 per cent of middle-aged adults worldwide. In Nigeria, up to 58 per cent of people aged 15 and over are affected. Despite these high numbers, in a recently published study, internal medicine residents demonstrated a considerable lack of knowledge about the condition and its link to other systemic diseases.

Successful Ormco 2nd MENA Symposium in Dubai (UAE)

December 26, 2015 | Events | News

Dubai, UAE: On 4 and 5 December 2015, American orthodontic, Ormco, held its 2nd MENA Symposium in Dubai Jumeirah Emirates Towers. 300 international delegates attended the various presentations of the international speakers. The presentations were mainly focused on Damon System and its umbrella products usage.

Qualident Dental Laboratory Introduces JUVORA – The Next Generation Dental Material

December 20, 2015 | Business

JUVORA, the first approved high performance polymer material that allows the CAD/CAM fabrication of a removable denture framework from a non-metal material – provides a more efficient process for dental professionals and an improved patient experience.

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