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The Oral-B brand is a worldwide leader in the over $5 billion brushing market. Part of the Procter & Gamble Company since 2006, the Oral-B brand includes manual and power toothbrushes for children and adults, oral irrigators, oral care centers and interdental products, such as dental floss. Oral-B toothbrushes are used by more dentists than any other brand worldwide.

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As a trusted brand in dental care, Oral B helps users take good care of their teeth and gums by providing tools that make it easy to get a clean, fresh mouth in just a few minutes. Shop the wide selection of products that make trips to the dentist more pleasant, since they cut back on uncomfortable cavities and other mouth problems that can result from poor or incomplete dental hygiene.

Explore the options of an Oral B toothbrush that fits even the most precise needs. The brand offerings are specifically designed with a person's mouth in mind, so it's simple to reach every corner and crevice for the most complete at-home cleaning. An Oral B electric toothbrush is essential because with the help of rapidly pulsating bristles and rotating heads, users get their teeth cleaner than with a manual toothbrush. Traditional teeth cleaning methods tend to leave behind plaque that causes tooth decay. People who select electric toothbrushes proactively improve the health of their mouth and brighten their smile at the same time with these innovative, carefully designed choices.

Personal care products are important because they help users get the maximum enjoyment from life by providing items that contribute to increased well being. Purchasing a product from a brand that's dedicated to excellent dental care helps users feel that they have more control over their mouth health outside of the dentist's office. Besides being very easy to use, the available toothbrushes include features such as a timer, to help make sure each area of the mouth get brushed thoroughly, as well as color-changing bristles that show when it's time to replace the brush heads. Some products use flossing heads that mimic dental floss threaded through the teeth. Rechargeable batteries and handy storage docks keep the toothbrush ready for use and within easy reach.

With products like an Oral B professional care toothbrush, tooth care no longer has to feel like a chore.

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