2021 Invisalign Scientific Symposium for orthodontists

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Align Technology announces digital edition of Invisalign Scientific Symposium for orthodontists


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This year, Align Technology is once again inviting orthodontists to discover the science behind the company’s Invisalign system. (Image: Align Technology)
Align Technology

Align Technology

Thu. 17 June 2021


LONDON, UK: Align Technology has announced that it is hosting its annual Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Invisalign Scientific Symposium on 2 and 3 July digitally, providing an opportunity for orthodontists to delve into the science behind the company’s Invisalign system, as well as glean the latest advanced clinical knowledge from luminaries of orthodontic pedagogy.

The 2021 Invisalign Scientific Symposium agenda will explore three key topics:

  1. a review of the efficacy and efficiency of Invisalign aligners compared with fixed appliances, especially in relation to predictability, effectiveness and treatment stability;
  2. the role of orthodontics in oral and mental health for growing patients, focusing on patient satisfaction and quality of life, pain perception and anxiety, and the impact of orthodontic appliances on oral hygiene; and
  3. the possibilities offered by clear aligner therapy, including performing of maxillary expansion, treatment of Class III malocclusions, and use of interdisciplinary approaches and auxiliary techniques.

Lectures will be delivered by global clinical speakers, including Prof. Juan Carlos Rivero Lesmes from Spain, who will be presenting on efficiency and biomechanics with clear aligners, and patients’ quality of life will be the focus of the lecture by Dr Meiya Gao from China, “Comparison of pain perception, anxiety, and impacts on oral health-related quality of life between patients receiving clear aligners and fixed appliances during the initial stage of orthodontic treatment”.

The renowned orthodontic coach Dr Regina Blevins from the US will be discussing oral hygiene among growing patients with regard to fixed appliances compared with the Invisalign system. She will be joined on the programme by Dr Luca Levrini from Italy, whose main area of study is the treatment of younger patients. Levrini will be exploring pre- and post- treatment predictability of maxillary expansion with Invisalign First treatment in mixed dentition.

Keynote speaker Dr Tommaso Castroflorio. (Image: Tommaso Castroflorio)

In his talk, Dr Tommaso Castroflorio from Italy will focus on aligner deformation and look at whether orthodontic movement is a question of attachment and whether aligner deformation in Class II and open bite treatment can be predicted.

Previewing his lecture, he said that he will be introducing his peers to some features of the latest Invisalign G8 innovations to address aligner deformation. He explained: “We as orthodontists know that when we apply the aligner on teeth, it springs back to its original position and original shape—then, the force is delivered to the teeth, producing the orthodontic movement. The greater the deformation, the larger the activation force produced by the aligners. This is the reason why we need to work with a material like Invisalign SmartForce.”

Dr Michael Davidson, director of clinical and professional education in the EMEA region for Align Technology, commented: “Building on the success of the first edition in 2020, Align Technology EMEA is looking forward to welcoming attendees and presenters to the second virtual edition of the EMEA Invisalign Scientific Symposium. From the outset, the event scientific team has endeavoured to showcase the best in global research and clinical content which is both robust and relevant to the orthodontic practitioner. Over the two days, attendees can expect presenters to discuss topics such as how predictability and efficiency are impacted by the latest innovations that form part of the Align digital orthodontic workflow. Delegates can also be assured that sessions will relate to a range of clinical case types, with the ultimate goal of oral and general health improvement for patients. To wrap things up, and as an event first, Align has partnered with the European Academy of Paediatric Dentistry to [introduce] a scientific poster presentation session which is focused on the growing patient. We look forward to welcoming all doctors to this truly world-class event.”

The lectures will be delivered in English, and simultaneous interpretation will be available in French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. Access to the full two-day programme costs €200 for Invisalign providers and €250 for non-Invisalign providers. More information, including the full programme agenda and registration, can be found here.

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