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Toothpick – the first and biggest online dental market in the MENA region

By Toothpick Middle East
March 23, 2020

Toothpick launches the biggest online Dental Eco-System with over 100 suppliers and thousands of products with the aim of digitalising the entire dental industry.

Dubai, February 2020: Toothpick announces the launch of the “Dental Eco-System" in the UAE at the AEEDC 2020 Global Dental Convention.

Toothpick is the dental industry’s online platform that provides solutions to enhance operations, synchronise data, and connect all the components of the industry. It caters to the needs of dentists, suppliers, educational institutes, banks, and associations.

Toothpick is a one-stop-shop allowing dentists to view and shop a variety of dental products from all of their local suppliers in the countries of their practice.

Dental suppliers will benefit from online exposure in an open virtual space that brings together all dental professions to upscale their buying trends optimizing their workflow.

With procurement systems and other key technologies connected with a completely outsourced logistics platform, Toothpick will speed up user experience and provide results that cause observable differences.

Toothpick provides an educational dimension to the Ecosystem; it is a place to browse and read scientific, peer-reviewed articles. Users can also subscribe to or enroll in different events and courses to continuously enrich their scientific and medical background.

It is a product made by dentists for dentists.

“Our objective is to offer a digital solution that can take the future of the dental  industry into a whole new world. Time efficiency is optimised, and data is utilised for continuous improvement. It is a platform that connects the different elements of the dental industry.” - Dr. Wael Bizri, Toothpick Co-founder and CEO.

2020 – Expansion Plan

During Q1 of 2020, Toothpick will be present and operational in 4 Countries: Lebanon, UAE, Egypt, and Qatar.

The goal is to partner with all key players of the industry in these countries and expand from this region to the world.

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