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Photograph: Beverly Hills Formula

Continuous Perfection from the Perfect White Range

By Beverly Hills Formula
July 16, 2019

Dental professionals across the Middle East have undoubtedly heard of Beverly Hills Formula, a brand that has successfully carved their name as unrivalled experts in oral care and at-home teeth whitening.

The brand are the proud creators of the Perfect White Range, which has been making waves with both dental professionals and consumers since its launch in 2012. Never before had the market seen such a range – with bold daring colours with bold statements to match. 

Since the range hit the shelves, global sales have been increasing rapidly - notably in the Middle East where the brand has seen a huge demand for the colourful range of whitening toothpastes and mouthwashes as well as the popular whitening kit. Products in the range are non-abrasive, kind to enamel and remove up to 90% of surface stains so it is not difficult to see why the range has become a must have for consumers worldwide. 

 The range consists of Perfect White Black, the brand’s hero product. The toothpaste is scientifically formulated with Activated Charcoal – known for its love of tannins. The company were the first to bring such a formulation to the market and although copycat products have followed, they have never beaten Perfect White Black when it comes to effectiveness and popularity. The brand followed on from this, adding Perfect White Black mouthwash to the mix. The shake to activate’ formula helps eliminate the bacteria that cause bad breath and neutralises remaining odours for lasting freshness

Also, in the range is Perfect White Gold. Gold is known for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Combined with Beverly Hills Formula’s non-abrasive stain removal power, this has become another must for consumers. The brand recently added to the range with Perfect White Optic Blue, again with a first to market formulation. The innovative Blue Filter Technology forms a special layer over teeth during brushing to reflect the light, creating an optical whitening effect providing immediate results.  Along with Optic Blue is the introduction of Perfect White Gold Mouthwash, a shake to activate formula containing real gold particles. This luxurious mouthwash eliminates bad breath and provides a long-lasting freshness whilst helping to remove surface and deep stains. Plans are currently underway to add to this increasingly popular range. 

The brand has always been highly selective with their advertising, having never felt the need to heavily promote or push their products to consumers. Rather than expensive marketing campaigns, they have allowed the phenomenal success of the range speak for itself. However, this year an opportunity presented itself that they simply couldn’t pass by and threw the Perfect White Black products onto the global stage. 

In May this year, they announced their partnership with the iconic movie franchise Men In BlackTM  International , collaborating with Sony Pictures for the much anticipated movie. They had dipped their toes in movie partnerships before, teaming up with Paramount on the recent Bay Watch movie. Having saw huge success off the back of this campaign, they were waiting for the right movie to come up again. Men in Black saw an ideal opportunity for the Perfect White Black products to take centre stage. 

The movie was released on June 14th and to celebrate its release, the brand is offering consumers a once in a lifetime trip to London and New York City to carry out their own Men in Black mission. They have also launched three limited edition packaged toothpastes and one mouthwash which can be found in stores across the UK and ROI. 

It is the massive success of the Perfect White Range that has allowed the brand to embark on such exciting collaborations and they are looking forward to further success in the second half of 2019.

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