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Beverly Hills Formula set for excellence once more

By Beverly Hills Formula
April 28, 2020

Beverly Hills Formula are not afraid to think outside the box, and their success is attributed to the fact that they can bring their bold ideas to life, resulting in highly innovative and effective teeth whitening products that any competitor is yet to match.

The brand has recently returned from another stellar year at the AEEDC in Dubai where they showcased their stylish range of products to dental experts from across the globe. Those who visited the stand were treated a sneak peak of what’s to come this year, and needless to say, our smiles will shine brighter than ever before.

Fans of the iconic Perfect White Range will be delighted to know that the brand are set to expand to this, with a number of must-have products set to hit shelves later on in the year. The Perfect White Range has become synonymous with excellence, innovation and top-quality.

Launched in 2012, the range became an overnight success thanks to a number of never before seen formulations. The brand was first to market with Activated Charcoal - known for its love of tannins. Perfect White Black quickly became the range’s hero product thanks to its effectiveness at removing stains.  

The brand’s most luxurious product yet – Perfect White Gold, containing real Gold Particles. Gold is known for its antibacterial properties and the brand were the first to use this in a toothpaste – resulting in a top-class tooth whitening product which aims to sooth and care for gums, help tissue regeneration as well as giving consumers the all-important Hollywood smile.

NEW Perfect White Extreme White, containing Hydrated Silica, Advanced Pyrophosphates & Cetraria Islandica Extract is designed to provide natural whitening and plaque protection, perfect stain removal whilst ensuring it’s free from all the bad including parabens and other ingredients that cause abrasion in teeth and gums. The brand has worked tirelessly to perfect the formula, and are confident that this is one of their best tooth whitening formula yet.

The Perfect White Range strives to have a product to suit all tastes, with Perfect White Black Sensitive, designed to whiten teeth and to ensure rapid sensitivity action, and Perfect White Optic Blue, which gives immediate optic whitening results, also to be found in the range.

The brand will be releasing the much anticipated 5008 Toothbrush, containing five times more filaments for extra stain removal. This high-quality brush is gentle to gums and enamel whilst ensuring a deep clean every time.

Our Perfect White Black and Perfect White Gold Mouthwashes, ‘Shake to Activate’ formulations, products ensure fresh breath after every use whilst providing excellent stain removal.

The Perfect White Range recently expanded to include two brand new teeth whitening kits – The Perfect White Black Kit, containing Activated Charcoal, and the Perfect White 1% kit, which contains real hydrogen peroxide.

It is not difficult to see why Beverly Hills Formula have become known as the experts in oral care. Thanks to their ability to develop first-class whitening products, and a dedication to researching the most cutting-edge methods available, the brand has set themselves apart from their competitors and has worked hard to become the go-to oral care company in the Middle East.

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