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Perfection once more from the Perfect White Range

By Beverly Hills Formula
October 13, 2019

Oral Care experts Beverly Hills Formula have proven once more that their safe, stylish and affordable range of teeth whitening products continue to be firm favourites with consumers worldwide.

And it is one range in particular that has truly cemented their place as the market leaders in oral care – the now infamous and superior Perfect White Range. Since it’s launch in 2012, the Perfect White Range has gone from strength to strength, continuously triumphing over competitors and earning the brand a number of prestigious awards.

The Perfect White Range is unique in the sense that it has earned respect from both dental professionals and consumers alike – a trait that is uncommon in most oral care products on the market today. They credit it’s success to cutting –edge formulas coupled with first to market ingredients that are yet to be found in any other product. Stylish packaging and bold colours ensure the range stands out in the noisy space. All products in the range remove up to 90% of surface stains without the need for harsh abrasives – meaning the enamel is protected and it is 100% safe for daily use.

The range consists of Perfect White Black, the brand’s hero product. The toothpaste is scientifically formulated with Activated Charcoal – known for its love of tannins. The brand  were the first to bring such a formulation to the market and to this day, it is seen as the superior product to it’s copycat competitors. Also in the range is Perfect White Gold. Gold is known for it’s anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The combination of Beverly Hills Formula’s non-abrasive stain removal power as well as the luxurious gold colour has meant that this has become a best seller for the brand.

Over the past number of years, new product development has been at the forefront of their plans,  resulting in a number of prestigious products being added to the Perfect White Range.

Joining the range last year was Perfect White Optic Blue, again with a first to market formulation. The innovative Blue Filter Technology forms a special layer over teeth during brushing to reflect the light, creating an optical whitening effect providing immediate results.  Along with Optic Blue was the introduction of Perfect White Gold Mouthwash, a shake to activate formula containing real gold particles.

Noting the success of their charcoal products, the brand have dedicated a huge amount of time and research into bringing new products to the market with this component, adding the following to the range:

Perfect White Black Sensitive, formulated for sensitive teeth to help remove surface and deep stains, as well as Perfect White Black Mouthwash, scientifically formulated to combat bad breath to the Perfect White Range.

 It will be this year however, that the brand announce their most exciting product launch yet: the Perfect White Black Whitening Kit. Scientifically formulated with activated charcoal and hydrogen peroxide, the kit is designed to offer superior whitening results whilst reducing plaque and harmful bacteria. The black and flexible strips are coated with tooth whitening gel as well as the brand’s award winning formulation which ensures visible results after use.

The Perfect White Range continues to gain traction across the globe, with a wide reaching fan-base and a constant demand for products. The brand are looking forward to the release of Perfect White Black and anticipate this being a massive success.

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