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Perfect White Black and Perfect White Black Mouthwash and Perfect White Gold and Perfect White Gold Mouthwash

Dynamic Duos Reign Supreme for Beverly Hills Formula

By Beverly Hills Formula
May 14, 2019

They say that one is lonely and two is company – indeed this is definitely the mantra that oral care brand Beverly Hills Formula have chosen to live by.

Once again, the Irish-based brand has cited their Perfect White Range as being one of the top performing at-home teeth whitening ranges  on the market today – and it is their Perfect Pairings within this range that have been the driving force behind its success. 

Launched in 2012, the Perfect White Range has been growing continuously strong ever since, and the brand has seen huge success across the Middle East. The range is now available in UAE, Jordon, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iran and Saudi Arabia. A combination of clever branding, high impact colours, and a vow remain true to their intrinsic values  (safe, affordable and effective) has ensured that the Perfect White Range continuously remains at the forefront of consumer’s minds. 

The Perfect White Family consists of the infamous Perfect White Black, Perfect White Gold, Perfect White, Perfect White Sensitive, Perfect White Black Sensitive and Perfect White Black Mouthwash. Joining them were their most recent products - Perfect White Optic Blue, Perfect White Gold Mouthwash and the Perfect White Whitening Kit. 

Within this range, it is their ‘dynamic duos’ that have given them the edge against their competitors, and have ensured that Beverly Hills Formula remain the stand-out option for consumers today. The duos work symbiotically and effortlessly complement each other – as all good partnerships should! Two very different colours, two very different and cutting edge ingredients – the brand’s perfect pairings are vital products for anyone looking to get a ‘Hollywood Smile’ in the comfort of their own home. 

Perfect White Black and Perfect White Black Mouthwash
Perfect White Black and Perfect White Black Mouthwash go hand in hand to give an all-round, highly effective clean, the effects of which can be felt throughout the day. The brand were first to market with the secret weapon of Activated Charcoal, which has been clinically proven to be one of the most effective teeth whitening ingredients available today. Activate Charcoal is known for its love of tannins and is the ideal ingredient to add to a whitening product. Perfect White Black works to whiten teeth, remove surface and deep stains and helps to eliminate the bacteria that causes nasty bad breath. 

Complimenting this hero product is Perfect White Black Mouthwash which has been scientifically formulated to combat bad breath. The ‘shake to activate’ formula also contains Activated Charcoal which helps eliminate the bacteria that cause bad breath and neutralises remaining odours for lasting freshness. In addition, Pyrophosphates help remove surface and deep stains. 

Perfect White Gold and Perfect White Gold Mouthwash 
The Golden Duo has quickly caught up with the success of the Perfect White Black products, thanks to its highly innovative ingredients. Containing real gold particles, known for their anti-inflammatory properties alongside Beverly Hills Formula’s non-abrasive stain removal power, it is not hard to see why this has become one of the most popular products for the brand. It’s partner, the opulent Perfect White Gold Mouthwash which also contains real gold. This luxurious mouthwash eliminates bad breath and provides a long-lasting freshness. The ‘shake to activate’ formula and Pyrophosphates help to further remove surface and deep stains for a brighter and whiter smile. Scientifically formulated to combat bad breath, this innovative mouthwash is made from cruelty-free ingredients and does not contain parabens – the ideal pairing for those seeking some luxury!

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