Introducing the award-winning Axeos: Dentsply Sirona’s latest imaging solution

Dentsply Sirona

By Dentsply Sirona

Tue. 22. December 2020


In this year marking the 125th anniversary of Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen’s discovery of the first X-ray image, Dentsply Sirona has launched its new top-of-the-line, 2D/3D imaging solution called Axeos.

Three principles underscore the benefits of Dentsply Sirona’s imaging solutions: clinical confidence, smart connectivity, and an excellent user and patient experience. The newly launched Axeos represents these principles with remarkable image quality for greater reliability when diagnosing, seamless integration and treatment planning, and an award-winning design.

Axeos gives the user excellent image quality and is a great addition for clinics that offer a broad spectrum of treatments. Four volume sizes are available, from a focused Field of View (Ø5 x 5.5 cm) for endodontic cases up to a large FoV (Ø17 x 13 cm) that covers the complete dentition, including both temporomandibular joints. Its Intelligent Low Dose mode helps minimise the necessary exposure to patients while still giving clinicians the ability to capture 3D information at the dose level of a 2D image.

Smart connectivity is another distinguishing feature of Axeos. It comes with the highly intuitive Sidexis 4 imaging software and seamlessly works with many other treatment planning softwares such as SICAT® Implant, SICAT® Air, SICAT® Function and SICAT® Endo. PACS and RIS connectivity make it easy for Axeos to be integrated into a clinic’s own network.

Imagine the amount of time that a clinic or hospital would save if X-ray equipment could set its height for the individual patient even before they enter the X-ray room. With the Patient Positioning & Image Assistant feature “smart height adjustment”, Axeos does exactly that. Cutting edge features make the user experience excellent, while the well-thought-through design helps to create a relaxing and confidence-inspiring atmosphere for the patient.

When the University of Otago in New Zealand built their new facility designed around the best possible education environment and patient experience, they chose to work with Dentsply Sirona. The International Special Clinic Solutions Team provided the equipment they needed but also the consulting expertise to help make their forward-thinking concept a reality. Imaging is an essential component of diagnosing and determines the initial treatment plan for a patient. It is also critical for monitoring the treatment’s success. As the clinic continues to look towards the future, they are getting ready to receive the new Axeos. It will be the excellent addition to the clinic and the University of Otago’s patient-centered concept.

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