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Introducing the complete Neo Spectra ST composite portfolio for efficient esthetics.

By Dentsply Sirona – Middle East
February 09, 2020

The SphereTEC revolution continues…

With the new Neo Spectra ST composite portfolio, dental professionals can now find the full range of handling preferences and esthetic needs covered by a single product line. Thanks to SphereTEC filler technology, the portfolio offers optimized performance in the areas that matter most, helping clinians to achieve reliable, esthetic results efficiently.

Dentsply Sirona’s latest innovation in composite filler technology, SphereTEC, was introduced to dentistry in 2015. SphereTEC fillers are spherical-shaped, pre-polymerised fillers created from sub-micron barium glass. Their morphology, particle size distribution, and surface microstructure deliver the benefits that matter most to dentists. Over 24 million restorations after the new technology’s debut, Dentsply Sirona introduces an expanded portfolio with SphereTEC technology. Clinicians can now enjoy SphereTEC technology benefits in all composite cases with the comprehensive Neo Spectra ST portfolio. ‘Neo’, meaning ‘new’ or ‘revived’ emphasizes the modern, cutting edge approach taken to optimize our composite portfolio. ‘Spectra ST’ explains the portfolio’s coverage of the full range or ‘Spectra’ of handling preferences and esthetic needs optimized with SphereTEC (ST) technology.

Covering the Full Range of Handling Preferences

Dentsply Sirona recognizes that every clinician is unique and when it comes to composites, so are their handling preferences. That’s why the Neo Spectra ST composite portfolio was designed to cover a full range of handling options, enabling clinicians to select their preferred viscosity for placement ease and efficiency. Neo Spectra ST High-Viscosity (HV) universal composite has a firm, packable handling, while the Low-Viscosity (LV) option offers a creamy, spreadable handling. Thanks to SphereTEC technology, both the HV and LV universal composite viscosities are non-sticky to the instrument, easy to adapt, sculpt, and shape, and are resistant to slumping. For applications where higher flowability is preferred, the nanofillers in Neo Spectra ST flow help to create a versatile, thixotropic ‘flow on-demand’ handling that stays put until the user initiates the flow. Each of the three viscosities offers proven durability, excellent chameleon blending ability, high polish and stain resistance.

Covering the Full Range of Esthetic Needs

In addition to satisfying the range of handling preferences, the Neo Spectra ST composite portfolio makes it easy to achieve natural esthetic results with a streamlined shade inventory and simplified techniques. The unique construction of SphereTEC fillers creates an excellent chameleon shade blending effect that enables five shades A1 to A4, called universal CLOUD shades, to cover the entire VITA1 Classic range, and satisfy the esthetic demands for the vast majority of cases with a single shade. One additional shade, BW (bleach white), is also available for restoration of bleached teeth. For esthetically demanding anterior cases, Neo Spectra ST Effects offers two opaque dentin shades and one translucent enamel shade that work together in a simplified layering technique with Neo Spectra ST universal CLOUD shades. The simplified shade concept and layering technique result in streamlined composite inventory while ensuring reliable, highly aesthetic clinical results. The unique structure of SphereTEC fillers also maximizes composite strength and durability, while their sub-micron primary particle size ensures excellent polishability.

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