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New SmartLite Pro – more than just a curing light

By Dentsply Sirona – Middle East
January 16, 2020

Primarily, a curing light is a device to polymerize restorative materials. But it can be so much more, as shown by the new SmartLite Pro from Dentsply Sirona.

It is an outstanding tool that allows for cutting-edge curing performance. In addition, it features a forward-thinking modular concept with quick-connect tips for a variety of clinical indications. Last but not least it exhibits an extraordinary design combining high-tech elements and robustness with a lightweight pen-style look-and-feel.

The SmartLite Pro is a unique modular curing device in a remarkable, all-metal housing.

Designed to perform

Once you have taken the new curing light into your hands you will immediately feel a lightweight and well-balanced pen-style design which is beautiful in each of its details. The SmartLite Pro’s housing is fabricated of medical-grade stainless steel and anodized aluminium providing for robust durability and elegant simplicity.

The user will love the easy and intuitive operation with only one single button. Feedback is facilitated by precise audible and tactile signals. Its clinical performance in everyday practice is unarguable.

Top of the class in curing

SmartLite Pro features newly engineered state-of-the-art optics to provide a homogeneous beam profile for a uniform curing performance. Unlike many conventional lights the new device has an even and focused light distribution over the whole curing area. Moreover, the SmartLite Pro features an active light output diameter of 10 millimeters. This ensures that the beam completely encompasses even fillings with a large horizontal extension. The leading clinical performance is accompanied by a comfortable handling. The 360 degree rotatable tips and the low-profile head with four high-performance LEDs guarantee easy clinical access even in hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. The dentist experiences excellent intraoral control and will easily maintain a steady hand at the proper angle.

Constant availability thanks to innovative battery management

The futuristic multifunctional charging base features a built-in radiometer and room for extra tips. The intuitive battery management system comes with two quick-connect batteries for constant availability. Cutting-edge lithium iron phosphate cell technology ensures that the dentist may enjoy a full day of clinical operation with only one charge.

Thinking ahead

The modular versatility expands the options beyond the scope of a pure curing light and includes various other indications. For example, the user may easily change from the curing tip to the transillumination tip. Within a few moments he holds a diagnostic aid for the visualization of interproximal caries and cracked teeth in his hand. And in the area of root canal treatment this tip will provide for endo access illumination.

But the best news is: The platform technology of the SmartLite Pro offers a forward-thinking system, which gives way to numerous future upgrades and will open up new worlds of indications and applications. The SmartLite Pro is one of the most versatile dental instruments because it features leading quality of cure, and yet is so much more than just a curing light.

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