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20 years of PIEZOSURGERY technology

How PIEZOSURGERY has redefined bone surgery

By mectron s.p.a.
May 20, 2021

20 years ago, the International Dental Show (IDS) saw the premier of the PIEZOSURGERY unit, a first for piezoelectric bone surgery. Since then, mectron has not only succeeded in revolutionising clinical reality with PIEZOSURGERY, but also benefited practitioners and patients worldwide with two decades of ease of use and minimal invasiveness. 

"When I started developing piezoelectric bone surgery more than 20 years ago, I never expected that Piezosurgery would redefine all bone surgery," says Prof. Tomaso Vercellotti, the inventor of PIEZOSURGERY, today, 20 years after the first system was launched.

Yet the success story of the original PIEZOSURGERY method was already underway in 1997, when the periodontist Vercellotti, in partnership with the company mectron, began working on the idea of ultrasonic bone surgery. Even then it was clear to them: an essential success factor for oral surgical treatment is reducing its invasiveness to a minimum, ensuring that the surrounding soft tissue is spared, therefore enabling rapid healing. Vercellotti and mectron saw a solution for this in the use of modulated ultrasonic vibrations. Shortly afterwards, mectron succeeded in building the first prototype and carrying out the first extraction treatments. 

PIEZOSURGERY: A new paradigm in bone surgery
In 2001 the time had come: The world's first PIEZOSURGERY device was presented at the International Dental Show (IDS). In 2005, the first implant bed preparation using PIEZOSURGERY was successfully completed. Vercellotti: "2005 was also the year in which a grand master of periodontology from Harvard University defined PIEZOSURGERY as a new paradigm. Making us very happy, of course." And indeed, piezoelectric bone surgery became a clinical reality worldwide over the following years. This success is based not only on the exceptional intraoperative control PIEZOSURGERY offers its users, but also the reduction in the surgical trauma to the surrounding tissue, enabling faster healing than after more invasive cutting surgical procedures.

In 2011, the 4th generation of PIEZOSURGERY equipment was launched. Other groundbreaking milestones include in 2015, when the world's narrowest osteotomy instrument, OT12S, was introduced. With a width of only  0.25 mm, it is suitable for all osteotomy techniques where standard bone saws have access difficulties. In 2019, the REX PiezoImplant was launched on the market as the first implant with a minimally invasive implant bed prepared exclusively with PIEZOSURGERY. The innovative REX PiezoImplant wedge implants are suitable for use in the narrow ridge of the jawbone. This is because their unusual shape means that the bone does not have to be augmented before the implant is placed.

30,000 customers in over 80 countries have already been won over
Today, more than 250 scientific and clinical studies have proven the positive effects of using the PIEZOSURGERY method. The more than 90 different instruments for the PIEZOSURGERY equipment are exclusively produced in Italy and distributed worldwide in more than 80 countries. More than 30,000 customers have so far been convinced of the advantages of piezoelectric bone surgery. Vercellotti: "The commitment of all those involved in improving PIEZOSURGERY year on year has been rewarded with the confidence of an extraordinary number of surgeons and, above all, with the satisfaction of the patients treated." 

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