New Piezosurgery® inserts for sinus lift by crestal approach

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New Piezosurgery® inserts for sinus lift by crestal approach

Fig: Surgical kit piezo lift
Mectron S.P.A.

Mectron S.P.A.

Sun. 10 March 2019


Mectron introduces a new piezoelectric technique for sinus lift by crestal approach, launching on the market 3 new PIEZOSURGERY® inserts developed in collaboration with Professor Tomaso Vercellotti, Italy.

Thanks to the new inserts shapes, the new Piezo-lift technique facilitates the sinus lift by crestal approach making the technique even safer, minimizing the risk of membrane perforation, guaranteeing a safe membrane detachment and fewer post-operative complications for the patient.

This new protocol allows the membrane elevation by utilizing the cavitation effect (Piezo Lift) and the bone grafting into the sinus cavity , which is the least invasive technique for elevating the maxillary sinus floor prior to implant placement. 


• the new PL1 insert allows the sinus floor reaching and a safe bony ring removal 

• the new PL2 insert permits to execute the sinus floor consumption and the initial membrane elevation 

• the new PL3 insert allows the removal of the sinus basal cortex and the elevation of the sinus membrane using the cavitation effect.

Thanks to its shape, PL3 insert works like a piston inside a cylinder.

This safe and predictable technique (at times no longer blind) allows to overcome the limitations of current methodology that highly depend on the individual operator’s skill. 

The application of Piezo-Lift protocol allows treating even the most difficult cases, which present severe reduction of residual crest bone volume. 

The inserts will be available separately as well as in a Kit with all three inserts dedicated to sinus lift by crestal approach.