Together. Stronger: NUVO very first distributor meeting

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Together. Stronger: NUVO very first distributor meeting



Sun. 20 November 2022


The beautiful Mediterranean welcomed NUVO distributors from the CEEMEA region on October 12-13, 2022. During this two-day meeting, they all had a chance to evaluate this year’s outcomes and next year’s strategy with the team.

The program started with opening remarks from Birol Öktensoy, NUVO Business Lead. Then, NUVO Marketing Lead Ece Gözleveli discussed Marketing Strategy. After the introduction, the NUVO Portfolio Update and Training and Education Activities of 2023 were shared with participants. The last session of the first half was given by NUVO’s Key Opinion Leader, Dr. Moustapha Saad from Lebanon. He presented sample cases of his own and gave some tips and tricks about the NUVO portfolio.

After lunch, the participants were divided into three groups and tried to answer different strategy-related questions about their markets. Thanks to the diversified geography that which CEEMEA Region has, the participants had a chance to exchange some of the best examples from different markets. Before closing the first day, there was a beautiful social activity where all participants played a different kind of musical instrument. It was a magnificent example of how different melodies come together to create a beautiful harmony.

The second day started with the IPSOS Customer Research Presentation and Digital Marketing Strategy of NUVO. Then, Dr. Doruk Koçyiğit from Turkey shared his experiences with NUVO. The distributors were very pleased to hear from a dentist personally and get the answers to any questions they might hear or encounter from their customers in the market. Dr. Koçyiğit discussed how NUVO gives dentists the option of an accessible product and the security to be able to offer a reliable and attractive portfolio.

Last but not the least, the participation ceremony was taken place. All distributors were happy to be a part of the NUVO Team and gained a new perspective on the NUVO and the economical brand concept. At the end of this beautiful event, the most important thing was to know that NUVO distributors were amazed and had a deep experience leveraging the prestige of the NUVO. With lots of sun, a beautiful climate, and fruitful sessions, the very first NUVO Distributor meeting was a huge success!

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