Two-day NUVO advanced course with live surgery session held in Istanbul

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Two-day NUVO advanced course with live surgery session held in Istanbul

Photograph: NUVO

Mon. 12 September 2022


The central and eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa team of NUVO, recently organised a two-day advanced course on its NUVO ConicalFIT implant system in Istanbul in Turkey—the first such course on this system. The NUVO ConicalFIT implant features an internal conical connection in a naturally tapered body design, maximising treatment versatility and simplicity in all bone types. The course was presented by two well-known Turkish dentists, Prof. Doruk Koçyiğit and Dr Tolga Pekperdahcı.

The first day addressed theory on full-arch rehabilitation using dental implants, covering the whole range of treatment possibilities, from straight to tilted options and different edentulism scenarios with the NUVO ConicalFIT implant system. In the second part of the day, the attendees took part in a hands-on session in which they practised both the surgical and prosthetic workflows of the NUVO ConicalFIT products.

On the second day, the participants attended a live surgery session in the ADC clinic in Istanbul which was performed by Prof. Koçyiğit and presented by Dr Pekperdahcı. This session mainly demonstrated the replacement of a missing molar with an implant placed simultaneously with soft-tissue grafting and the creation of a suitable emergence profile using the NUVO ConicalFIT portfolio.

Thanks to this training, the participants, ten dentists from Lebanon, had the opportunity to expand their knowledge on the simple surgical techniques and prosthetic steps of the NUVO ConicalFIT system in the pursuit of long-term treatment success for their patients.


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