EyeSpecial C-IV Smart Digital Dental Camera

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EyeSpecial C-IV Smart Digital Dental Camera

EyeSpecial C-IV Smart Digital Dental Camera


Sun. 25 April 2021


Shofu’s Gen 4 smart digital dental camera is developed to shoot fast, predictable and consistent clinical photographs for everyday dentistry.

Equipped with state-of-the-art digital technology, this foolproof, ultra-light and the compact dental camera is designed exclusively for your dental team to shoot clear, consistent clinical photos in true-colour each time.

No prior photography knowledge required, as it comes with a one-touch operation and an intuitive menu to guide the user to select from any of the 9 pre-set dental shooting modes. Easy to wipe clean and disinfect in between patients, it complies with stringent infection control protocols at the dental operatory.

This user-friendly camera is the ideal choice for your practice as it meets user-specific needs ranging from routine intra-oral photography, diagnosis and treatment planning, orthodontic evaluation, dental lab and specialist collaboration, patient communication and education to legal documentation and insurance verification.

EyeSpecial Features:

  • 9 pre-set dental shooting modes 
  • Compact, Ultra-light & Easy to hold with one hand
  • Fast auto-focus with built-in anti-shake with image stabilization and anti-reflection features
  • Cutting edge Flashmatic System for True-colour reproduction with blockout of ambient light
  • Water, chemical and scratch resistance to prevent cross-contamination
  • Brilliant display with fast & Intuitive menu navigation 
  • Video function
  • Micro HDMI connector
  • QR code features
  • Trigger Flash Mode for portrait photography
  • Optional attachable cross polarizer

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