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Inject and shape for easier, faster, stronger restorations

By Shofu
June 11, 2020

The need for easier, simpler and faster workflow is more critical in dentistry, now more than ever before. Conventional composite restorations are time-consuming and require laborious build-up techniques to minimize polymerization shrinkage, linked to staining, micro-leakage and secondary caries.

Re-engineered nanotechnology with the development of unique S-PRG nano-fillers signals a new milestone in restorative dentistry. Innovation of the  next-generation of universal bioactive injectable composite - Beautifil Injectable X streamlines restorative workflow by offering predictable strength, durability, natural aesthetics with self-polishing capability and the unique “Inject as you Shape” convenience. Patented S-PRG fillers impart anti-plaque and anti-caries benefits for additional protection and longevity of the restoration. Uniform filler microstructure imparts remarkable optical qualities for easy shade match and effortless polish with the OneGloss 2-in-1 Smart polishers. What’s more, restorations exhibit self-polishing capability that maintains gloss and resists surface staining.

Restore a wide spectrum of anterior and posterior restorations with ease as you can now shape while injecting the non-droopy, shape retaining paste at the restoration site. Use of custom-made disposable Barrier Sleeves with the ergonomically designed Beautifil Injectable X syringe provides additional protection against cross contamination. Special syringe design prevents oozing and minimal residual paste in the tip for greater savings.


Available in 2 distinct viscosities in 2.2 gm syringe:

– Beautifil Injectable X – Universal Restorative

– Beautifil Injectable XSL – Self-levelling high strength Flow




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